Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1990, Emily Hana Johnson is a London based artist. Hana graduated from COFA (Sydney Australia) with a Bachelor of Art Education in 2013 majoring in drawing and painting, Minoring in printmaking; sculpture; ceramics; photography (analogue & digital); architecture-public art; outsider art (law) and metal casting (bronze).

Hana predominantly works in the field of printmaking, drawing, sculpture and installation to explore the way that light interacts with objects almost as a three dimensional entity. Her focus is based around the connection of angular tessellation’s, shadow, and light, and the way these aspects interrelate to change an audiences perception of an object or space.


2017-Current- Senior Printmaker for Harland Miller at Thumbprint Editions

2018 April- Installation at Vittoria Wharf, London

2016 June-August - Artist Residency at OT301 Amsterdam

2016 August 18 - 4Bid Gallery Solo Show, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 August - Installation at De School, alongside Children of the Light - Diapositive. Amsterdam

2016 January 20- Practice What You Teach group show- M2 Gallery Surry Hills

2016 January 19- Visions Beyond group show - Kudos Gallery Paddington

2015 September- Solo exhibition 'SPLIT' Carlton Project space NG gallery, Chippendale

2015 May-July- Group exhibition at Black Toast, Annandale

2015 January- Exhibition Laneways project, Baru Art, Little Hunter St Sydney CBD

2014 December- Exhibition Folklore, Paddington

2014 June- Exhibition at Chasm Gallery, Chippendale

2013- Art Director - Tank (short film)

2009- Work highlighted and exhibited ArtExpress at ‘The Armoury'

2007- Book Binding Charles Sturt University