Collaboration with Ben Hopper

Moving to East London has meant the start of a whole lot of new friendships with people from all walks of life. A couple of months ago I had the distinct pleasure to meet Ben Hopper, an incredibly talented and not to mention lovely human being/photographer. 

In his studio I created a small installation as well as a wearable piece, and we curated light projections to compliment a brief performance. These are some of the results. 

(Images have been altered to protect anonymity)

De School Amsterdam

Stemming from opportunities that arose due to my artist residency at Overtoom 301, I had the extreme pleasure of exhibiting at De School.

Newtons concerns over a black coat and the bogey man 2016  Paper and data projection  De School, Amsterdam

Newtons concerns over a black coat and the bogey man 2016

Paper and data projection

De School, Amsterdam

An immersive installation work that is a survey of the behaviour of light recorded within a 12 hour period in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The nuances of hue and intensity of Dutch light are captured and presented in a 30 minute looped film. this film is projection mapped onto 1200 cluster floating paper forms, augmenting the patterns of light across thesurface. Light fades and falls illuminating walls, ceilings and floors, creating a constant visual symphony.

Light can change our perception of the world, the way we visually see it and emotionally engage with it, whether it frightens us, inspires us, or calms us. Similarly the combination of light and shadow can transform the way in which we consider objects, as it mutilates their simple form into a twisted contortion of its former self. We are able to see two images, the original, and its shadow counterpart. We can choose to consider these two things as separate entities or as a whole and begin to consider their symbiotic relationship in describing the physicality of the object.

Weekend Installation

Although the work often changes, my process always remains the same. I don't often plan an installation before making it, rather I allow the work to dictate itself to me. It is as if I am merely a tool which the work uses simply to actualise itself. In this way I am an extension of the paper as it grows organically throughout a space. Crudely stitched together with paper, glue, and tape, the work is only temporary and to be appreciated in the moment for its bold shadows and delicate form. This weekend I transformed my hallway into a temporary gallery for under 24 hours, taking a usually functional space and turning it into a thing of beauty. This is practice for a series of street art installations i hope to create in the coming months. Stay tuned

I have timelapse footage of the work and installation, however I'm incompetent with technology and haven't worked out how to put it on the website. So if you so wish pop by my instagram page for a gander, or here are some extra fancy links for your viewing pleasure.


Post exhibition

A big thanks to everyone who made the exhibition possible by either coming along to offer support or consoling me during one of my many breakdowns haha. And another big thank you to Carlton Project Space for housing my work and assisting me with the whole operation, you were all amazing. I thought i would upload some shots that people took of opening night for you all to peruse. enjoy!

Image cred Ryan Henwood White

Image cred Ryan Henwood White


As many of you know, for the last few months i have been frantic with getting everything ready for my upcoming exhibition SPLIT. I have bombarded your social media with irritating images of 'not quite finished yet' works, and today is no exception! Im in the studio putting some final touches on these exciting little lovelies and thought I would share it with you. Cant wait to see them in situ. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.47.14 am.jpg