Weekend Installation

Although the work often changes, my process always remains the same. I don't often plan an installation before making it, rather I allow the work to dictate itself to me. It is as if I am merely a tool which the work uses simply to actualise itself. In this way I am an extension of the paper as it grows organically throughout a space. Crudely stitched together with paper, glue, and tape, the work is only temporary and to be appreciated in the moment for its bold shadows and delicate form. This weekend I transformed my hallway into a temporary gallery for under 24 hours, taking a usually functional space and turning it into a thing of beauty. This is practice for a series of street art installations i hope to create in the coming months. Stay tuned

I have timelapse footage of the work and installation, however I'm incompetent with technology and haven't worked out how to put it on the website. So if you so wish pop by my instagram page for a gander, or here are some extra fancy links for your viewing pleasure.