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Chasm Gallery, Chippendale

Emily Johnson graduated from COFA with a Bachelor of Art Education in 2013. 
The process of her work is integral to its conceptual basis. She has no intention for the outcome of a work before its beginning:
"When drawing these images i love to become absorbed into them, seeing both the angular and abstract formations between line and tone, as well as the entirety of its visuality. The process of drawing each individual shape is a form of deep meditation, repeating the same form into a possible infinite pattern and allowing a sense of vacant concentration to wash over me. It is an intensely personal experience between the work and myself, almost as if the drawing is dictating the process to me."
The contrast between the angular tessellation of shapes, and organic and natural forms reflected in her subject matter are visually appealing and intoxicating as it forms a crystalline pattern. The intention of which is to draw in those experiencing the image so that it may be seen on several competing levels.

Emily has recently exhibited alongside fellow COFA graduates Kieth Yap and Ainsley Wilcock at Chippendales up and coming CHASM Gallery.

Later Event: September 21